MotherWise Postpartum Mental Health Texts

I created MotherWise Postpartum Mental Wellness Texts in response to the need that I encounter every day for more awareness around postpartum mental health symptoms, and available treatment.

I talk daily with women who come into my therapy office and ask me “Why haven’t I ever heard of this?” or “Why didn’t anyone tell me?”

I chose texts to deliver this information because it is the simplest way I could imagine getting needed information into the hands of most women in the world. (Texts are accessible to non-“smart” phone users, and they have an over 90% open rate.

How It Works:

Once women “opt in” by sending the phrase “MotherWise” to 555888, they are subscribed to a series of texts that arrive every 3-4 days for 3 months.

Topics Include:

Baby Blues
Healthy Coping Skills
Postpartum Anxiety, Depression, OCD and Bipolar
Birth Trauma
Returning to Work
Intrusive Thoughts
Building a Support Network
Postpartum Psychosis
Resources: Blogs, Hotlines, Podcasts, Books, Professionals With Specific Training in Maternal Mental Health.
Social Pressure/Advice
Bonding With Baby
And more!
I am passionate about equipping mothers in WNC to better understand their mental health, and empowering them to advocate for themselves to get the support they need and deserve!

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