SeekHealing works to prevent drug overdoses by treating both the individual and the community for addiction. We provide free support services to anyone at any stage in the addiction healing process, and we educate the community about healthy social connection. Part of our program provides free support services that help individuals in early recovery access groups and activities that help them heal, and connect to themselves and the community at large. We would like to partner with local Asheville artist Ginger Huebner to offer a transformative and powerful self-portrait workshop in a group format, as well as for individuals in early recovery who have successfully completed our six-month scholarshop program. Ginger's Create and Connect process creates works that transcend barriers and boundaries in order to express and celebrate our shared humanity. Collaborative Self Portraits have a profound effect not just on the individual, but also on the collaborator, and those that view the work.

Грант предоставил Asheville, NC (September 2019)