Open Form

Mission Statement:
Activate public spaces through an interactive form that invites participation and fosters collaboration between participants to help stimulate curiosity and collaboration through a shared experience.

Vision Statement:
To transform shared experiences in public spaces and inspire creativity on a collective and individual level.

We’ve all walked through or relaxed in a public space before, But how can those spaces enhance the way people engage with the space and with each other? Open Form is an interactive public space installation. The concept is based on a flexible platform composed out of undulating triangles, shifting its topography as multiple people interact with it, each person affecting how others behave on the platform. Through participation, the person is aware of their own spatial senses as well the others around them stimulating a sense of collaboration and dialogue in a public space.

Through a year long research done, there is a need for new creative spaces in open public places. This is substantiated in research done through literature reviews, public surveys, several community events, and interviews with local artists and program directors of various art institutions. The public expressed the need for meaningful interactions with other members of the community, interest in new experiences such as interactive and engaging activities, and creative programming that involves learning opportunities. Most of all, the public expressed that creative public spaces should be accessible, inclusive for all communities in Raleigh and support the needs of these communities to be expressive in a creative way.

Грант предоставил Raleigh, NC (September 2019)