Art Boxes of Gyumri

Our project is to take the existing trash receptacle areas in Gyumri, Armenia, and make them more beautiful by turning the dull, metal trash bins into vibrant art pieces. The objective is to inspire care for public spaces and encourage citizens to responsibly dispose of their waste, all while creating intriguing art installations that speak to the creative history of this ancient city and supporting local artists. We hope that by transforming these areas into artistic spaces, we can change people’s perceptions of art and, more importantly, Gyumri as a whole. We will also take it upon ourselves to regularly clean the area with a pressure washer, in order to reduce the grime and foul odors which are a natural result of garbage disposal. We think it is important to be a positive model for other businesses by taking personal care of the areas surrounding our establishments, therefore harboring a good relationship with the municipality, the people of Gyumri, and our built and natural environments alike.

Грант предоставил Yerevan (August 2019)