Kidz Times

Kids Times is a newspaper written by kids for kids that will be published as a supplement to the Detroit Native Sun. Writers, ages 5 to 17, are given a voice in the community to address concerns pertaining to youth and to offer solutions. Young perspectives on issues taking place throughout metro Detroit and in the schools are highlighted.

Young aspiring journalists are given an opportunity to work beside experienced award-winning journalists and to have their works published both online and in an actual newspaper that will be distributed throughout Detroit, Highland Park, Oak Park, Southfield, Dearborn and Inkster.

Students will learn all of the steps needed to publish a newspaper from identifying news worthy stories to interviewing, writing and laying out the newspaper.

In addition, student reporters will have the opportunity to broadcast their stories on television in a special Kids Times segment that will air on Wednesdays from 7 pm to 7:30 pm on Comcast 20 and TV 33.

This is a unique opportunity to showcase the editorial talents of creative and community minded youth, who are looking for a means to express themselves

“Children are our future” is not just a popular saying but an expression of truth. It is vital for youth to have a positive outlet to express their thoughts, become active observers in identifying problems in the community, and to participate in offering solutions. By doing so, youth will help to bridge the gap in communication between young and old and will have a vested interest in improving the quality of life for those residing in the communities in which they live. A transformation in attitudes and actions will occur. Kids Times will help to dispel stereotypes about youth, as they are no longer viewed as a part of the problem but a part of the solution..

Грант предоставил Detroit, MI (May 2012)