P.O.P.-Promote Our Pollinators

Many people on the Kenai Peninsula do not realize how important pollinators are to the environment; I hope to educate my community about how crucial pollinators are. I will distribute tools and supplies, so everyone can help promote our pollinators.

I will present and distribute the following to schools on the Kenai Peninsula, Senior Centers, the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce, Gardening Clubs, and other community events around the Peninsula to provide information about pollinators and the means to help them.

-Educational flyers:
o Contains information about the importance of pollinators and why they are declining
o A description of how to create a pollinator garden
o Ways to avoid harmful pesticides using ecologically safe methods
-Pollinator packs:
o Ready-made, six-pack pollinator garden starter kits
o Contains six different Kenai Peninsula hardy seedlings
-Pollinator activity book:
o Contains elementary-appropriate information about pollinators
o Original illustrations and activities to inspire the next generation of gardeners
-P.O.P. logo “Gear”
o Buttons
o Reusable tote bags

I will host more “Make and Take” pollinator planting events at schools on the Kenai Peninsula and senior centers, so students and seniors can plant pollinator packs, potentially inspiring over 800 people. I will distribute the activity books and teach them about our pollinators to inspire the next generation of gardeners who will be the ultimate solution to this critical problem.

My idea is time sensitive; I would like to begin disseminating my materials this spring.
I plan to implement my project according to this timeline:
• Purchasing equipment and supplies: June 2019
• Educational presentations and material dissemination: May-September 2019
• Planting and pollinator pack care: March through April 2020
• Educational presentations and pollinator pack distribution: May through June 2020

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