King of the Hill All Style Battle and Workshop

King of the Hill is a dance battle which brings some of Adelaide's leading street dancers into the area of Mount Barker to inspire our young people. With limited resources and infrastructure for young people in the Adelaide hills and issues of youth mental health on the rise, this event aims to bring positive role models into the community to inspire our young people and show them what can be achieved through determination, discipline, positive mind-set and community support.

The selected role models spend time talking with our young people about their own lives and how they train. They also talk about the values that can be learnt amongst the street dance culture which promotes respect, humility and team work.

This event sees a number of local young people from the area attending and competing against their idols. This culture of competition is quite unique. It is not about knocking the other person out. It is all about representing who you are by displaying how creative you can be with your own freestyle movements. Competitors cheer each other on as opposed to jeering. Older dancers stand behind and support the younger ones as they want to see this culture continue. Many of the younger dancers leave with heads held high due to the time and respect they get from the older dancers. The older dancers also gain a sense of appreciation and respect when they see how excited and honoured the younger dancers are when they get to socialise and dance with them. It is an incredible moment for creating connections, new friendships and inspiration.

Грант предоставил Adelaide (March 2019)