Orchestra Park

I'm in the development phase of a pubic art installation with the working title "Orchestra Park".

Using found objects like fence posts and reinforced concrete for the main structures coupled with customized pneumatic and electronic controls, I envision a garden of recycled sculptures that visitors interact with to activate a symphony of unconventional musical instruments; "flute flowers" with steel stems and PVC petals that spin on their axis create whistle tones to stand in for whole wind sections, "brass bulbs" on illuminated trellises play morning glories as trumpets and bluebells for horns, while paths of reclaimed wood marimbas provide percussion.

While these interactive structural elements are the main focus of the project, I would also like to see the space under and around the sculptures used as a working garden to promote local environmental causes like native plant cultivation and sustainable landscaping. The installation will be wind and solar powered and designed to withstand being outdoors in all seasons.

Грант предоставил Pittsburgh, PA (January 2019)