“Our Future Is Renewable”

I am planning on participating in the “California: Rise for Climate, Jobs & Justice” March in San Francisco on September 8, 2018. I have began the fabrication of an artful action titled “Our Future Is Renewable”.

It consists of 15 wind turbines that are kinetic (wind activated), 30 solar panels with very subtle text on them and a text banner. It would bring together 50 people who all dressed in white, will cary the props in a choreographed manner. My intention is that at first glance, the project would read as a climate/environmental statement but,as the march is also about jobs and justice, the subtle text on the solar panels would, upon closer inspection, address a variety of social issues in addition to the environmental ones. Topics would include: fracking, immigration reform, gun reform, offshore drilling, racial bias, freedom of the press, fossil fuel dependency, LGBTQ rights, voting, clean water, reproductive autonomy, etc. 

I believe that Climate Change and the already visible effects on our planet is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Given the actions of the current administration to derail world/national efforts to take action on this issue, I feel that it is imperative for all of us as citizens to stand up and make our voices heard and seen with the purpose of enacting change on this front.

I am not affiliated with any group. I am an artist who designs, fabricates, funds and organizes all of the projects on my own. I am looking to expand the scope of my productions and believe the Climate March would be the perfect place to so.

The march will be happening all around the country but the organizers are focusing on making the SF one, the largest to coincide with the “Global Climate Summit”.

As a resident of Florida, a state that is already dealing with the reality of rising sea levels, coming to California to participate with people on a local level is enormous.

Грант предоставил San Francisco, CA (October 2018)