Whose World Is This

As more conversations centered around anti-immigration is on the rise, now is the perfect opportunity to document immigrant narratives for future generations, a pro-immigration dialogue. We are tired of others telling our story which is why we should encourage all immigrants AND children of immigrants to take responsibility and document these stories. This initiative is to highlight these narratives through a book as a collection of stories/statements and a video series. This project specifically would work with artists, influencers, educators, small business owners, organizations, and regular day people. With the book, it is meant to bridge the successes and struggles of members from various communities through word and imagery. Usually, these struggles/successes aren’t acknowledged, and doing so would allow insight into the differences and similarities we have with one another. The video series will be individualized interviews(up to 5 minutes) of cinematic video. The website would include more info about each piece, more content, and where to find those who contributed to the collection.

Грант предоставил San Francisco, CA (July 2018)