Unity in Diversity

The Unity in Diversity Festival Newcastle celebrates the Cultural Diversity of Newcastle in the spirit of inclusiveness and welcome. The festival is held to coincide with National Refugee week. Building upon the capacities of the refugee, multicultural, indigenous and the more established Newcastle communities, the festival engages communities to come together to celebrate. The festival involves community member performances, food stalls, entertainment, unity activities, and cultural exchange.

The 2018 Unity in Diversity Festival will take place on Saturday 23rd June. The Mayor of Newcastle takes part in the opening parade alongside community leaders from a vast array of cultural groups which helps set the seen for an inclusive day.

It is an opportunity for diverse communities to connect with the wider Newcastle Community in a day of celebration and inclusiveness. Civic Park will be the public space utilised for the festival. It is a well known, safe and accessible public space with good public transport links. This accessibility encourages attendance and provides a safe space to build upon social connections.

The festival celebrates the value of diversity in the Newcastle area and is the
coming together of local communities, schools, the TAFE and the University. The coming together of diverse refugee, multicultural and already established Newcastle communities builds relationships and provides a welcome space for new arrivals. The benefit will be the sharing of cultures, building connections, the community capacity building of refugee and diverse communities and an opportunity to celebrate together.

Financiado pelo capítulo Newcastle (April 2018)