Nasty Women Liverpool Exhibition

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am emailing to request a grant for a charity art exhibition fund raiser. The event is linked to the huge artistic movement Nasty Women which started in the US and has spread globally. Different cities around the world has set up their own Nasty Women event, a ripple effect response towards President Trump's views on women.

I am a designer maker and illustrator which has had work in several Nasty Women exhibitions around the country and now I have decided to set up my own as Liverpool has not yet got involved. I shall be opening up submissions for artwork from female identifying artists. The work shall be sold for a charity named Wirral Women and Children's Aid.

The exhibition shall be in the Baltic Triangle as it is an up and coming creative area. We shall also have a brilliant open night to draw in guests and potential buyers for the artwork.

My team have been kind enough to volunteer their time to organise this event. Artists who have been involved with Nasty Women before will know that they are donating works and I shall make that clear on the entry application. But, unfortunately I can only get so far as I do not have the funding to move this project forward.

This potentially could be a great event, as the open night will have live acts, amazing artworks and performing arts. I have also planned for a promotional video to be made for the event. The funding could really move this project in the right direction, and in return, a fantastic, memorable event, raising money and awareness for domestic abuse.

Financiado pelo capítulo Liverpool (March 2018)