Truth in Comedy

I curate a storytelling/stand-up show entitled Truth in Comedy in the Dallas area. The premise of the show is an individual will come up and tell a story from their life where their are very open, honest, and vulnerable. Afterwards, a comedian will come up and perform a set inspired by that story. The result is an extremely powerful and unique experience for all involved. It has been profoundly cathartic for the storytellers more importantly. The show is a beautiful emotional roller coaster and shows that no matter what we go through, we all can find something to smile or laugh about on the other side. Truth in Comedy is a large part of what I feel is my life's work of creating comedy that connects and impacts people.

My goal is to take Truth in Comedy beyond just a night time show and into various facilities in the metroplex where people could use a good laugh as well as some post traumatic stress relief. Places such as the Dallas VA, women's shelter's, homeless shelters, and drug abuse center's are a few examples of place I would like to bring Truth in Comedy.

Truth in Comedy began in March 2017 and I am extremely proud of the progress it has made thus far. I am even more proud and humbled by the texts, emails, phone conversations, and testimonials I have received from the storytellers, comics, and audience members about how the show impacted them. I truly Truth in Comedy has a place in society and can be the vehicle for healing for so many individuals that may not feel comfortable speaking openly about issues they struggle with silently otherwise. My goal is to help one story at a time starting with the metroplex and beyond.

Financiado pelo capítulo Plano, TX (December 2017)