CameroonONE is a Boston 501c3 charity organization that was created to be able to take a new approach at solving the troubling orphanage system in the Republic of Cameroon. CameroonONE is unique because it is the first organization in the region to try to do an In-Home Sponsorship program for orphans, which means that we take orphans out of the sub-par governmental orphanages and place them in the care of a surviving family member. As long as this family member makes sure that the child is attending and succeeding in school and is staying healthy and well taken care of, our organization will use our donations and funding to fund these children's living expenses, education, health expenses and also provide a stipend for the family. As we are a charity based organization we need grants and donations to be able to operate and expand our reach to more children in need in the region. The organization has no office space or full time staff to insure a low overhead cost, so that we can get the most out of our funding in terms of helping the children which we provide for. We currently provide for 80 children and look to expand this in the coming years, as well as make this sustainable by starting a bee farm on lands donated which we would use the profits of honey sold to put back into the organization to help the children.

Financiado pelo capítulo Boston, MA (June 2017)