Artist in Training ~ Public Art as Service

This project was inspired by the unavoidable reality of the not-so attractive mini-strip malls flanking miles of the only access, the entry corridors to historic downtown Sanford, FL-46 and US Route 17/92. Architecturally designed not for aesthetic appeal or for longevity, these mini-strip mall structures were designed to serve car-convenience and enable low-rents for small businesses.
Low-rent spaces for entrepreneurial start-ups and local mom-n-pop shops are worthy causes to champion, and since these properties aren’t going anywhere, so what can be done to improve the experience of these main arterial entry corridors?
This “Artist in Training” workshop aims to create and use public art murals and design solutions on one mini-strip mall property to enhance it visually and the surrounding area.
Young artists will work with professional artists in the various stages of public art mural making – prep work, painting and site refurbishments. They will also participate and learn about the relationship inherent in any successful Public Art project – property owner, artists, fabricators and installers, non-profit organizations, journalists, city officials and permitting boards.
The project involves several exterior walls and structures.
Once all murals, art pieces and refurbishments are complete, the project will culminate with a grand opening reception 'open to the public' and involving all stakeholders.

Financiado pelo capítulo Orlando, FL (June 2017)