Story Art Project

As of Monday June 5 the Class has started:
Story Art is a class I have brought to the Charles George VA Hospital in Asheville. I am working thru voluntary services.
I am facilitating the class with Rebekah Wiggins, resident VA Art Therapist. The class is designed for veterans in rehab at the Community Living Center at the hospital. Participants will be telling a story, something significant in their life's experience with an image or sculpture. Think about what would make a dynamic cover for your biography or memoir? Rebekah and I guide the participants thru the process from concept to final art. Rebekah is qualified to work with emotional issues that my arise. The participants are encouraged to help each other with advice and story telling. I have structured the class for all levels of artist ability as well as assisting those with handicaps or limitations. At the end of 6 weeks we will discuss as a group the possibility of displaying the finished art within the hospital and in addition Rebekah is in discussion with a local Asheville art gallery the possibility of community interaction.
Our first class had 9 participants and I am very excited to what it progress positively. My goal is to offer this class on an ongoing basis and expand it the t Hospice within the VA to assist veterans with a way to leave a legacy.

Financiado pelo capítulo Asheville, NC (July 2017)