Q-Finder: A view into the possible

Nuts and bolts: I want to take pictures of the LGBTQ community during SF Pride 2017 and put the pictures into viewfinder keychains to send to LGBTQ youth who feel isolated or need support.

Pride, particularly in San Francisco, is the height of LGBTQ(QIA+) love and celebration within the community. We view ourselves as one big family, and Pride is our family reunion :) I want to share images of this community with its hair down -- in the middle of the fun, excitement, love, support, and safety of a celebration of our identity. These images will offer solace, encouragement, and positive reinforcement to people who may not have access to a supportive queer community.

The viewfinder only reveals its image to someone who is close enough to hold it up to their eye. In other words, it is a discreet way to carry around a whole world in your pocket without outing yourself.

These keychains will be available to order online, though a safe distribution system (no outing with packaging, etc) and will be completely free of charge. To begin with, we will offer them through the www.everyoneisgay.com web store.("Everyone Is Gay works to improve the lives of LGBTQIA youth"). Eventually we may branch out and become our own entity with a website (I have someone who works at Wix.com who is willing to donate a domain and site to the cause). I would also like to reach out to agencies that work with queer foster youth for distribution.

** There can be some risqué costumery (or lack thereof) and behavior during Pride weekend, but my images will be safe for consumption by minors, and will feature the theme of wholesome fun and supportive community.

This idea was born out of my own response to the attack on Pulse. I heavily debated attending Pride last year, but when I did, I felt the true support of my community - not just fellow queers, but from the city of SF at large. I still look at photos from Pride 2016 when I need to be reassured of positivity and love in the world

Financiado pelo capítulo San Francisco, CA (June 2017)