Urban Adventure Games

The Urban Adventure Games is one of the most exciting and unique races taking place in Northwest Indiana! It is a thrilling, zany, action-packed, cit(ies)-wide exploratory race created to help showcase, in an engaging way, the communities of South Bend, Mishawaka and the Notre Dame area. We believe this exposure to the surrounding built environment, organizations/activities, and diverse culture enhances an individual’s sense of quality of place, causing them to become more positively engaged in their community.

Since 2009, this race has challenged participants' minds and bodies as they utilize the streets, waterways, bicycle paths, and even some “top secret” modes of transportation – all while completing various challenges in order to move throughout the race. A fun and exciting adventure, the event also provides exercise opportunities for elite athletes and families alike.

Not only does this unique, exploratory race provide participants with a new sense of everything our vibrant area has to offer, but it also gives local businesses a unique opportunity to connect with community members - and potential customers - in a fun and engaging way!

Urban Adventure Games, Inc. is developing a new initiative, called the Peloton Partner Program, in efforts to eliminate barriers to entry threatening the diversification of our racers.

Since its inception, the Urban Adventure Games has been focused on making our community a better place. Through the Peloton Partner Program, we are creating professional connections and striving to develop healthy habits in our youth. Our goal is to use this program to expose younger, diverse groups to the great things taking place in our community, in efforts to ultimately increase their overall community engagement.

Financiado pelo capítulo South Bend, IN (May 2017)