ForSisters exists as cooperatives of migrant latinX women who are working to make a positive change in their lives. These women make delicious traditional fresh salsas that are ethically and locally sourced here in South Florida. Unfortunately these hardworking and passionate women have for the most part been defaulted into domestic work or unemployment here in South Florida. It is through ForSisters that we can engage with these often forgotten sectors of society and empower them to reclaim agency over their lives.
We currently make 6 different kinds of Salsas. We also make handmade corn tortillas as well as SalsaKits and ChilaKits. We currently are selling at local grocery stores and local food/farmers markets.

Our goal is to begin partnering with companies, organizations and foundations that are really working to make positive and lasting differences in our community. We feel the work we do at ForSisters is trying to engage with lived experiences and livelihood of individuals who go into making our products. From the packaging factories, the local farms and kitchens; we want to ensure that we are impacting lives at various stages. Our fundamental principle is to teach financial literacy and entrepreneurial engagement to immigrant latinx women to allow them to enter the socioeconomic fabric of the United States on their own terms and reclaim agency over their lives.

Financiado pelo capítulo Miami, FL (May 2017)