Elementary School Vertical Gardening

We currently work with three DC elementary schools, one of which is in a food dessert in SE DC. We teach the students how to use minimal space to maximize a harvest by using vertical gardening systems and hydroponics. We teach children every aspect of urban gardening, from composting, the importance of bees and worms, seeds, zoning and crop planning for harvest and retail. Our unique vertical system illustrates to the children and their families that even a small space - a balcony or window - can provide healthy, cost-effective, locally grown produce. We also encourage projects such as creative ways to recycle commonly used school items, such as milk cartons. And, we offer a CSA program pick-up at all three schools that include fresh DC -grown produce (some from the school garden), recipes and samples of finished products that they can make from the produce, such as hot sauce. We also have locations that students can travel to and learn more about urban farming, such as the rooftop garden at Nationals Stadium and Barracks Grow, a formerly unused space that is now a community hub.

Financiado pelo capítulo Washington, DC (April 2017)