My name is Shaiful Risan.
Mr Hassan is my father and I am writing this behind his back as a surprise. He is approaching retirement, and with an aging body he cannot do much physical work.
However he is a great artist and i know deep down inside he would have loved to be an artist / illustrator.
He had to shelf his dream and work regular jobs growing up to support his family; eventually marrying my mom and raising me.
Fast forward, now I am 35, work in the arts/entertainment/education spectrum and roughing it out, but i wake up loving what i do. However being in Singapore is rather expensive and I also have a ton of debt to clear.
Having said that this is not about me; this is about my father.
I hope to get a kick start amount to get him going; by doing an exhibition for him that sells some prints/merchandize/shirts/tote bags based on his sketches. They are unique and are fast phasing out in an increasingly 'millenial dominated' world.
His samples are here
I will be glad to show or detail more information if someone ends up being really interested in this.

Financiado pelo capítulo Singapore (February 2017)