Seeing is Believing: Women Direct

Who’s afraid of one little number? Not director Cady McClain. And she doesn’t want anyone else to be either.
Defying the odds, Cady’s pivoted an Emmy-award winning acting career into a directing career. But when she finally arrived in her own director’s chair, she couldn’t find many others like her. Thus, “Seeing is Believing: Women Direct”, an educational documentary series on female directors was born.

This half-hour, stand-alone, documentary series on female directors in TV and film (10 eps) puts women who direct front and center in the conversation on creativity, careers, and equality. Each episode brings three directors into the spotlight as she shares the ups and downs of her own journey to, and in, the directing chair. Profiling heavy-hitting award-winners to up-and-coming directors, this series is as practical as it is get-up-and-go when it comes to a creative career. Original animations woven throughout stitch the stories together as viewers get to know a treasure trove of today’s female directors.
“Seeing is Believing: Women Direct” brings the journey of cultural leaders to the forefront of the current conversation, providing female seekers and storytellers guideposts along a formerly uncharted road. The film juxtaposes original interviews with elegant animation, original narrative footage, and archival footage “brought to life” with digital techniques to take back the story of women in film, transforming it from an outworn narrative of “victims of a patriarchal system” to a dynamic tale of “renegade fighters who won’t quit until they have an equal place at the table.”
This film series addresses the very real obstacles women directors face when taking a leadership role; shines a light on the innovation, dedication, talent, and persistence of these women; draws parallels between the thought processes and experiences of successful female storytellers of the past and present; and encourage connection and transfer practical information.

Financiado pelo capítulo Awesome Without Borders (March 2017)