Azura Marine Earth

Azura Marine Earth is a social enterprise that aims to transition combustion engine boats to solar power in South East Asia. Much of the sensitive marine environments are currently being threatened by pollution generated by conventional boats.

We will build our solar boats with local people and materials, using ancestral boat building techniques mixed with high ecological technology. Our boats will be used for tourism activities such as diving, snorkeling, ferry people between islands and other purposes. As a social enterprise, we will re-invest a portion of our profit to upgrade fishermen boats from diesel to solar power, provide apprenticeships in the field of renewable energies and technology and offer workshops on environmental issues and solutions.

Our keystone is to make eco-friendly boats available and financially viable in less economically developed areas. We believe that renewable technology is not only for those who have money and strive to prove it is within reach of most of us.

We can achieve this by carefully assessing every aspect of the boat design and always favoring local and natural materials, as well as local workmanship and techniques. Industrially produced materials and equipment will be restricted to solar panels, energy storage and the electric propulsion of the boats..

Financiado pelo capítulo Singapore (November 2016)