Sopköket creates supply chains without waste. They turn surplus food into delicious meals sold to businesses and customers. Oh, they also employe marginalized groups (focus newly arrived refugees), operate in otherwise unutilized kitchens and take usage of many types of resource waste. Awesome ey?

Buying their meals, as a company ordering catering or as a consumer, you contribute to a sustainable environment without waste. Today food waste stands for 10 % of the worlds entire CO2 emissions = 1,3 billion tons of food. At the same time Sweden and Europe has faced it's largest immigration stream in a long time, with great difficulty integrating these newly arrived people in an efficient and sustainable way. Also, a big waste contributor is the resource waste of furniture and utensil retailers. As well as the many kitchens which stands out of use several hours a day. Through different partnerships and collaborations cross industries, Sopköket helps reducing waste in all forms listed above, focusing mainly on providing healthy meals made out of surplus food. Relying on these kinds of unutilized resources, available everywhere, makes this project very scalable.

Collaboration is key in the fight against waste.

Financiado pelo capítulo Stockholm (August 2016)