Empowering Clerks Network - Oregon Office

The Empowering Clerks Network is an organization dedicated to empower people by issuing various official documents, such as Certificates of Recognition. It was started by Ori Alon in 2014 with the goal to bring joy, humor and compassion to people through the power of paperwork.

Some of the services we offer: Forgiver's Licenses, Joy Permits, Open Carry Permits for Musical Instruments, Certificates of Recognition, True Friend Diploma's, Apology Decrees, Free Play Tickets, Refurbished Report Cards and Happiness Insurance cards.

The goal of The Empowering Clerks Network is simple, give people a moment to deeply reflect on their life while doing some thing with humor. Often, these moments become momentous for the person for whom the paperwork is being issued. Conversations start and grow. Peace and compassion is spread. First in the moment the paperwork is being issued and again later when the receiver of the paperwork puts their documents on display.

The ECN runs on a pay-it-forward system. All services are offered for free but are given a suggested donation price. All donations are then given to a non-profit of the on-duty clerks choice. In the past this money has gone to Syrian refugees + a non-profit helping the people of Flint with their water + health.

As the head of the Oregon division of the ECN, I would like to expand my reach. I would like to create a mobile cart that can house the ECN at public events. This cart will be able to be attached to a bike and pulled to where the people are! In Bend, with so many various festivals, it is important to be available in a variety of places. And with summer approaching now seems like the perfect time to do this.

This funding would allow me to expand the network of clerks. I would like to train and certify new clerks in order to have a bigger presence. This would mean setting each up with their own ECN tools which include embossing stamps, ink stamps, laminated credentials, and a a variety of paperwork.

Financiado pelo capítulo Bend, OR (April 2016)