Animatronic Monster Suit

Hi, I'm Matt, and I want to build a monster costume to support fundraising efforts for new playground equipment for the nursery school my 3 year old daughter and nephew attend. Every year, they have a Halloween Fair on the town common, and the nursery school has a bake sale to raise money. This year (and next), they need to raise quite a bit extra in order to replace the badly broken playground equipment. I'd like to support that effort by building a crowd-drawing kid-friendly monster.

Basically, what I have in mind is a colorful fur-covered larger-than-life "friendly monster" costume with animatronic eyes mounted on/in an over-sized head that look wherever my head turns inside it. I'll just need to build a simple servo motor gimble system for the eyes, and control them with a head mounted accelerometer... possibly a Wii nunchuck.

I have experience with latex prosthetic makeup, electronics, and costume building, and have in the past won several "best costume" awards and even had people stop me on the street on Halloween to have pictures taken with me.

I'd like to have the big monster help draw a crowd to the fund raiser.

Financiado pelo capítulo Boston, MA (October 2011)

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