The Elaborate Collaborate

The Elaborate Collaborate is a large-scale collaboration between Oklahoma visual artists. The exhibition embraces the exquisite corpse, as method of collaboration.

42 artists will create a series of multi media works on paper that will evolve over the five weeks (Jul-Aug 2015) it is installed at IAO Gallery in Oklahoma City. Ten video artists and one sound artist are creating a 10 minute video collaboration that will be screened during the exhibition. The public opening is during Premier on Film Row on July 17 from 6-10pm. An Exquisite Corpse Poetry Game Event will be held on Thursday, Jul30, led by poet and visual artist Kerri Shadid. There will be a closing reception on August 14 from 6-8pm.

Through this exhibition, the public will be invited to observe artists at work in the gallery, while watching a large-scale collaborative artwork take shape. Nothing of this kind has been done in Oklahoma.

Kelsey Karper and romy owens are independent curators leading this experimental exhibition.

Works on Paper:
Jennifer Allen-Barron
Lisa Jean Allswede
Alyson Atchison
Ginnie Baer
rs barnes
Nick Bayer
Jerry Bennett
Bombs Away
Amanda Bradway
Dylan Bradway
Erin Cooper
Jason Cytacki
Adrienne Day
Denise Duong
Tim Hearne
Michelle Himes-McCrory
David Holland
Kalee Jones W
adam Lanman
JP Morrison Lans

Trent Lawson
Mike Litzau
Tiffany McKnight
Lauren Miller
George Oswalt
Jason Pawley
Angie Piehl
Haley Prestifilippo
Marissa Raglin
Tessa Raven
Kelly Rogers
Amanda Sawyer
Erin Shaw
Gloria Shows
Rick Sinnett
Clint Stone
Cassie Stover
William R Struby
AK Westerman
Libby Williams
John Wolfe
BJ Zorn Sneed

Eli Casiano
Glenn Herbert Davis
Samantha Dillehay
Cathleen Faubert
Pete Froslie
Sarah Hearn
Geoffrey Hicks
Mark Kuykendall
Beau Leland
Stefanie Leland
K Edward Van Osdol

p.s. the submitted drawings are by Tim Hearne and Trent Lawson.

Financiado pelo capítulo Oklahoma City, OK (May 2015)