Learning Garden Project

Our Community Garden is a part of our healthy lifestyles program. Our project is based upon learning and seeks to address food desert issues starting with the Bankhead neighborhood. Our collaborative initiative is to create a learning garden for fresh vegetables and fruits with the local middle schoolers. In essence we want to connect the dots of fresh food and how to practice better food choices to make food fun, interesting and cool. We at RCF will be the lead organization to host an educational site to teach children, teachers and parents about the benefits of harvesting corps, planting roof top gardens and the benefits of fresh food. We believe our project is awesome given we want to partner with food vendors to provide live presentations of snacks, lunch and main course meal preparation with ingredients from the learning garden or their school roof top garden. Our primary goal is to engage students on-site and within their lunch rooms presentations of healthy foods in the cool new ways. One example: How to make a smoothie? What vegetables are needed? What fruits are necessary? How much or many items do I need to make it?

Our program is scheduled to begin on September 1, 2014 s at the site with weeding, pruning and planting gardens. Our curriculum module will include on-site program with a “hands on” learning environment, studying plant life cycles, and environmental science.

Financiado pelo capítulo Atlanta, GA (August 2014)