DoodleVille: Public Space. Creative Collaboration.

After three years, and 200 interactive public art projects, we at U-Doodle have noticed two distinct issues: (1) Public spaces are not equipped or designed, spatially and physically, for community building. (2) Participant interactions are serendipitous and exciting, but they rarely develop into long-lasting collaborative relationships.

To address these issues, we plan to design and build a “pop-up” public art structure that transforms any public space into a community art hub. The structure will be portable and compact, for the purpose of sustainability and adaptability. The surface of the structure will be layered with chalkboard paint, making it an open canvas that welcomes artists of all ages and abilities. Additionally, every element of the structure’s design will emphasize free form uninhibited expression, face-to-face conversation, and artistic collaboration.

This pop-up structure, titled “DoodleVille” will generate trust, cooperation and participation among people from various cultures, income levels, and backgrounds.

DoodleVille will become a regular convening point for those wishing to engage with their community and with the arts in one inclusive experience. The structure will consist of 16 wooden cubes of various sizes. Cubes will be easy to stack, set-up, break down, and transport. The sides of each cube will alternate from a wooden panel (converted into an open chalkboard) to an empty frame, allowing participants to interact with one another as they bond through a shared artistic experience. Additionally, each cube will be deliberately placed, creating multiple entry points into DoodleVille while providing space for people to sit, draw and converse with new friends.
DoodleVille will travel throughout the city of Miami, bringing community art to locals who need it most. It will revive public spaces, like parking lots, street corners, bus stops, building lobbies, and metro stations, converting them into collaborative and creative hub.

Financiado pelo capítulo Miami, FL (July 2014)