Free Art Fridays

Mint Artists Guild is a non-profit that offers a host of programs to Detroit youth to aid in skills including but not limited to, youth development, entrepreneurship, community service, and collaboration. Through these programs, youth are given a space to express their creativity and access to a multitude of art supplies. Free Art Fridays is a global art movement that focuses on providing communities with free and accessible art. Mint Artists Guild's Free Art Fridays focus on Detroit and surrounding communities. On Fridays, when the weather permits, Art is placed outside of local businesses and parks to be taken for free. Mint Artists Guild posts about these locations in riddles on their social media so it becomes an interactive scavenger hunt with followers. For many, art can be expensive or they may not have the time to visit museums or art galleries. Free Art Fridays gives everyone a chance to own a piece of handcrafted art. Ultimately, Free Art Fridays is a fun and engaging way to spread art into the community.

Financiado pelo capítulo Ann Arbor, MI (April 2024)