Ethnic Hair Care for our food pantry

We are a small non-profit organization that provides case management services to a housing development, Hilltop View, in Dexter, Michigan. In partnership with Avalon Housing, we support 24 units in this development. In addition to providing case management services, we also have an on-site pantry, which every resident of Hilltop has access to for food and other household products, including hair care products.
Over 70% of the residents of Hilltop identify as BIPOC. We would like to have more ethnic hair care products in our pantry, Ethnic hair care products are significantly more expensive than other hair care products, and our pantry budget is stretched already due to the increased cost of food in general. We currently purchase them when we have available funds but would love to have a dedicated amount that would help keep consistent stock in our pantry for residents who need them.

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