This project is about petitioning the Supreme Court in Rwanda to grant deaf people their constitutional right to drive. In Rwanda, there is actually a law that bars deaf people from driving a motor vehicle.

In East and Central Africa, it is only in Rwanda where deaf people are not allowed to drive. The proponents of the discriminatory law mentioned above argue that deaf drivers are likely to cause traffic accidents because they can’t hear any sound in case of a traffic emergency.

However, we don’t agree. We believe there is no valid reason that can stop a deaf person from safely and professionally driving a motor vehicle. In fact, researches have shown that deaf drivers are among cautious and law-abiding motorists on the road because of their sensitivity to what is happening around them, including reading all road sign and checking their mirrors all the time.

In contrast, studies have also shown that hearing motorists are easily distracted by the noises around them such music, phone calls, honks, etc.
To those who argue that deaf people can’t drive because they can’t just hear, we are to show them that most of the road signs and flashing lights have been designed not to be heard but to be seen. And as such, it is arguable that the deaf should be the first person to be licensed to drive because of their easy understanding of road signage.

To deny deaf people their right to drive means to prevent them from doing businesses like any other citizens. It is also to rob them of them their freedom of movement without depending on others.

Our project seeks to challenge the constitutionality of the law mentioned above. We are going to hire a top lawyer who will argue our case in the Supreme Court and hopefully have that discriminatory law repelled to allow deaf person to drive.

What our grantee is saying: "On behalf of my fellow deaf people I have worked with to conceive this project, I am humbled and incredibly grateful to be awarded the Awesome Disability Grant by the Awesome Foundation, which I am thrilled to accept.

What a prodigious honor to receive this awesome grant! This grant will no doubt be instrumental in our fight against the discriminatory law that unjustly denies deaf people their right to drive a motor vehicle in Rwanda. The project has been a lingering dream of my fellows and me for ages, and we can finally bring it to life. it is going to be AWESOME thanks to your support.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the selection committee for recognizing the potential of this project to promote disability rights in my country, Rwanda.

I am committed to using this grant to its fullest potential and keeping you posted on the progress.

Thank you once again for believing in this project".

Financiado pelo capítulo Disability (April 2024)