Linnea Gad SHOALS

We are fundraising to cover production, material, and installation of Swedish artist Linnea Gad's three public art sculptures Shoals installed in Noland Park on Governors Island, NY in fall 2023. Bringing the shape of oyster reefs to land, the sculptures are a tactile response to the climate crisis as CO2 levels and the sea's acidification intertwine with the mineral lime. Gad's sculptural research revolves around the life cycle of lime, a material essential to contemporary building (in the form of cement) especially in her native Stockholm, but also crucial to stabilizing Ph-levels in the ocean and preserving shorelines (oysters), with a large presence in New York. Measuring between 4 ft wide and 11 ft high, Shoals will be made out of lime mortar, oyster shells over metal armatures.

Financiado pelo capítulo On the Water (November 2023)