Stream Assessment: Passaic River

"Stream Assessment: Passaic River” is a publicly-engaged art project that works directly with community to create an eco-feminist narrative of the Passaic River through collaborative sampling efforts. This social practice inspires, informs, and leads directly into the creation of an editioned interactive artist’s book.

Guided by the collaboration of local marine biologists (project partners, Sandra Lavigne at the Great Swamp Watershed Association and Allison Fitzgerald at NJCU) and Stephanie Beth Jordan, a critical ethnographer of ocean science studies, this culturally-responsive project develops materials from within the community to train participants to perform scientific water sampling and visual assessments, providing tools to help the community better connect with the local river. Ethnographic observations/interviews will identify and produce important insights, practices and storytelling that define this community. Field notes and data from collected water samples will provide documentation and source material for the book creation. This information will be woven together through design - testing narratives will be translated into color, shape, and pattern - to tell a lyrical and visual narrative reflective of the connection between the river and the local community.

This project is led by Amanda Thackray, a multidisciplinary ecofeminist artist and educator, based in Newark, NJ. You can find out more information about Thackray and her projects by visiting and You can sign up for her mailing list to learn more about the project as it unfolds this spring.

Financiado pelo capítulo On the Water (February 2023)