STooPS Bed Stuy Summer Art Crawl

​2023 marks the 10th Anniversary of the STooPS Bed-Stuy Annual Art Crawl. Each summer, STooPS collaborates with organizations and businesses throughout the community to present local artists working across genres who perform and exhibit on stoops and sidewalks throughout the neighborhood. Bringing together a network of partners such as block associations, community gardens, and the community board, STooPS facilitates community engagement and resource sharing to support both local artists and businesses.

This year, the Bed-Stuy Annual Art Crawl will take place on July 29th from 12pm - 7 pm. Bed-Stuy-based artists/groups will collaborate with space owners to share their work on stoops, sidewalks, storefronts, and/or in community gardens. Inspired by Intelligent Mischief signs posted throughout BedStuy, this year we are commissioning artists to create new works based on the question “What if BedStuy was a Black Utopia?” Reflecting on the history and stories of black homeowners, movements, and institutions in the neighborhood, STooPS is asking artists to create their Afro-futuristic vision of BedStuy in collaboration with a community member, organization or partner.

This project gives local artists a platform to showcase their art in their own community while establishing and strengthening the relationships between local artists, neighbors and business owners. It also gives the BedStuy community opportunities to experience high quality art from award winning artists for free in their own community.

STooPS is an opportunity for members of the neighborhood to discover and share resources that exist within Bed-Stuy. This awareness allows people to build partnerships and support each other, strengthening the entire community.

Financiado pelo capítulo New York City, NY (July 2023)