Brooklyn Cumbia Festival

We are excited that our June grant has been awarded to One Whale's Tale and their Brooklyn Cumbia Festival which will be taking place next weekend, from July 6-10 around NYC. The festival is a multi-day community-focused music festival that celebrates Cumbia music from its origins in Colombia to its modern forms across Latin America through workshops, live bands, DJs, dancing, food, drinks, arts & crafts. It takes place at the Good Life Garden in Bushwick, House of Yes, Maria Hernandez Park, Barbès, Joe’s Pub, and TV EYE!

There is no other event on the East Coast dedicated to celebrating the importance of Cumbia music and this is One Whale's Tale first year throwing this festival.

Organizer ​​Camilo Quiroz-Vazquez writes, "People in the US often speak of the Latino community, but the reality is that we are many different communities with unique cultures, dialects, rituals, food, and politics. One thing many of our countries have in common is a love for Cumbia, and my dream is that through music and art we create a place to start conversations and create a deeper connection with each other. Cumbia was born from African rhythms in Colombia, a fact not all Cumbia lovers are aware of, and the first two days of the festival are dedicated to Afro-Latino artists and acknowledging and celebrating their work and we think that is pretty awesome!"

Financiado pelo capítulo New York City, NY (June 2023)