Shedalow Ironworks, LLC

I am a blacksmith artist who creates hand forged ornamental ironwork. This year I have reassembled my shop in my family's new home in Silver City, New Mexico and am thrilled to have become part of the local artist community. I am a member of the Grant County Art Guild where my work is shown and where I advertise availability for commission projects.

After completing a four year apprenticeship in a blacksmith shop in rural WV, I started my own business. I started doing art shows and accepting commission work then. I had the privilege of being hired to design and make a number of interesting, challenging pieces. But my wife and I were not experienced in running a business, and learned some hard financial lessons. So we closed shop to regroup and moved to a new place.

This time around, we attended a small business class and have taken advantage of the information available through a local university assisting new small business owners.

Blacksmithing is quite unique, a trade that threatens to be forgotten. I am genuinely thrilled to see the work of other blacksmith artists and have enjoyed demonstrating for adults and children at art shows. It's a fascinating process. I have been hand forging metal for fifteen years now, and I am still in the honeymoon stage, in awe of the possibilities of my craft,

I work out of a modest building that was gifted to us by our neighbor, A pole barn that has been converted to meet our needs. Inside I use the forge my wife's father built, an anvil that belonged to his father, and hundreds of other tools bought, found, traded and handmade. Someday, we intend to expand, but now we have enough to make this project happen.

Financiado pelo capítulo Awesome Without Borders (August 2023)