Mobile Herb Clinic and Apothecary

I am a clinical herbalist and herb farmer, and I want to put this show on the road so that I can reach more folks in need of holistic health!

As an herbalist, accessing an apothecary is crucial-both for myself and my clients. And we don't have one anywhere close by! We are an herb desert here in Westminster. I've been having more and more people requesting herbs to support their health, but my personal apothecary is in my basement. It is not accessible to many folks, and is not the professional look I would like for it to be.

Which leads me to the project: the mobile herbal clinic and apothecary!

I am looking to renovate a vintage travel trailer, outfitted with my office space to meet with clients, and storage/shelving to provide bulk herbs. I would also like to provide my Reiki services here, as well.

This trailer provides multiple benefits to the community. Aside from bringing it to clients who have limited access to transportation, I will also use it as my physical office space on our property, the Barefoot Medicine Farm. I offer donation-based outdoor community yoga, teach workshops about ethical harvestation and foraging, and am soon to lead plant walks. I just need a place for people to use the bathroom- hence, the trailer.

Financiado pelo capítulo Westminster, MD (September 2023)