CarrollBaby Diaper Bank

CarrollBaby is dedicated to supplying a reliable supply of diapers, wipes and baby hygiene items to local families in need. CarrollBaby is a fund of the Community Foundation of Carroll County and a member of the National Diaper Bank Network.

Diapers are often overlooked in conversations surrounding poverty. They are not covered by WIC or SNAP. They are also expensive. According to the National Diaper Bank Network, diapers cost $70-$80 per month per child. CarrollBaby distributes 50 diapers per month per child, which is considered best practice in diaper banking. This ends up being about a week's supply. We distribute at the beginning of every month so that families can budget accordingly for the rest of the month. We are currently serving just over 200 families each month. A reliable supply of diapers helps babies avoid painful rashes and infections when parents resort to stretching the diapers they do have. It also relieves stress in the household and ensures parents do not have to miss work due to lack of clean diapers for childcare. Diaper need is a a hidden but growing need in our community and the rest of the country. CarrollBaby follows a simple model- we collect donated diapers and redistribute them to families in need. We currently store all diapers through a partnership with Springdale Preparatory School in New Windsor.

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