Onkaparinga Compassionate Communities

Our project is awesome as it will encourage older Australians living in Onkaparinga to be fearless and delve into the world of virtual reality. We will use our skills as a compassionate community group to pilot a 'Virtual Reality Program' that will reduce social isolation and improve mental health wellbeing. Our project will involve providing education sessions about the use of virtual reality to improve the lives of older Australians with lifestyle staff at residential aged care facilities and retirement villages. We also intend to pilot the use of Virtual Reality goggles for 'virtual dates nights' with residents and their loved ones in aged care settings.
The implementation of virtual reality as an alternative means of accessing valued wellbeing activities will improve the lives of our older residents, provide an alternative source of wellbeing activity to our compassionate communities volunteers and generally education the local population on alternative ways of reducing social isolation.

Financiado pelo capítulo Fleurieu (February 2023)