Clear the Chicago River Bank of Invasives!

Waters Elementary focuses on ecology and stewardship and has a dedicated class where students in all grade levels learn about technology and environmental science.

We have adopted a Chicago River Bank, Sunken Gardens. Students will use this as a mobile lab, since it is so close to our school, to run water samples, collect data, and help slow erosion along the shore line. Currently, the site is in disarray and overrun with an invasive species-Buckthorn. Buckthorn holds a chemical in its roots that stops other plants growing near it, so in order for more native plants to be grown, we will need to cut Buckthorn along the bank.

While we have a few of the items needed, they are old and sparse. We would like to purchase more loppers to cut the base and branches of the Buckthorn, goggles and work gloves for students to use for protection, and equipment to carry these supplies to and from our school each day.

This project will be ongoing maintenance throughout many years, but the replacement cost of the materials will be spread out and not as high as our initial purchases.

Financiado pelo capítulo Chicago, IL (March 2023)