Green Clean Team

We want to rid our shopping area of the ugly grey metal shutters on the various shops on our Lane and paint them with art graphics or something even more eye catching,maybe even discover our own BANKSY who knows.
We have one of the few unique area,s in Liverpool to shop and don,t want to lose it to the Supermarket giant,s
JMU students plus school children from the Liverpool area along with their Lecturers have agreed for them to be creative with paint,all supervised, but we need the material,s for this to happen.
The shops approached are all in favour to revitalise the Lane in order to bring more foot traffic to them.The Lane itself is a very busy though fare with passing motorists and may help to persuade them to stop and shop in the future,particualy if the shutters have incorporated in the painted design,s what they are trading as.
If we are successful this venture could catch on and maybe rid all City,s/Town,s of these horrible looking shutters with just that little bit of TLC.

Financiado pelo capítulo Liverpool (July 2013)