Acceler8 is an awesome and innovative automotive education program for at-risk teens and opportunity youth, pairs youth at risk for gang and/or juvenile justice involvement with volunteer law enforcement officers and automotive professionals, joined together by a common interest and passion for automobiles. Students receive support from stable adult role models at a formative time in their lives while being supported in completing school and learning skills that both excite and prepare them for jobs in automotive design, automotive repair, professional racing and other related trades. They benefit greatly when given the opportunity to learn a lucrative trade that can support them and their families without requiring a college degree.

Acceler8 trains and familiarizes youth aged 14-24 with the automotive industry and its many opportunities. Our target populations are high risk for gang involvement and interaction with law enforcement and the courts. The program reaches two high-needs groups in Los Angeles - high school students at risk for juvenile justice involvement due to behavior, academic status, and family situation; and “opportunity youth”- those 16-24 who are neither enrolled in school nor participating in the labor market. The majority come from troubled backgrounds and multi-generational poverty. In working alongside law enforcement officers, youth find direction and support that many are not receiving otherwise.

Acceler8 classes center on STEM learning via automotive technology, starting with basic engineering and science around the design of engines and drive train mechanics to the intricate computers and technology that tie systems together. They receive training in career and life skills, including resume and interview classes, dress/image, team building, communication, online and in person etiquette, and social skills. Students receive job placement opportunities and we provide scholarships to many students to assist with their success.

Financiado pelo capítulo Los Angeles, CA (June 2022)