Save the Youth, Save the Future

The Brother’s Foundation’s (TBF) was formed by young men, connected to the streets, from rival Northside gang factions. On a mission, to prevent/interrupt and divert Northside middle school boys (including their sons) from participating in street and/or gang violence. As fathers of young males reaching middle school age, we are reminded of what caused us to put down the balls and pick up the guns.” Peer pressure, the longing to belong to a group, to be seen; caused us to make some bad choices. We want to get ahead of that curve and interrupt any alienation with society that occurs as they enter their teens. Hence, the name Save the Youth, Save the Future.

As former gang members ourselves, we do not want the next generation to follow in our footsteps. We want to interrupt the cycle of violence that manifests as Northside young males enter puberty. In small groups, TBF will offer these youth the opportunity to build relationships with adults they can trust, be able to voice their needs and concerns We will provide opportunities that we did not have as youth. We will offer a safe place where they can express themselves, discuss their challenges and speak for themselves. TBF will provide support in the form of resources and encouragement.

Financiado pelo capítulo North Minneapolis, MN (March 2019)