Black Box

Black Box is a community impact and engagement platform comprised of five elements aimed at making black men more accessible outside of the workplace and play space. The ultimate goal is demystification, understanding and connection through discourse. One goal is to replace the “learned” with authentic firsthand experience.

Part 1: A community impact project designed to positively highlight Black men, promote understanding and empathy, foster education and healing. Community members come into a safe intimate space to dialogue with a diverse group of 13 black men one-on-one. Each man wears a shirt with an assigned noun preceded by the word BLACK, which becomes a prompt for discussion. Nouns preceded by black are negatively connoted and what we learn during our American enculturation is black most often implies “bad”.
Black Ice, Black Heart, Black Cloud, Black Sheep, Blackout, Black Head, Blackball, Black List, Black Man, Black Death, Black Magic, Blackguard
There is bias implicit in the designation of the color black to most nouns as opposed to “white” which is positively connoted even when attached to negative nouns and verbs.

Part :2
A largescale (48” X 21” by 13 images) photo project highlighting how the black is negatively connoted in almost every literal iteration and the real life impact this has on black people

Part 3:
A multi-channel video sharing the perspective of black males ages 12-92 without interruption, dismissal, contention, minimization, comparison. Part three functions as a listening tool. Viewers are meant to absorb information rather than converse.

See more about part three here:

Part 4:
A 13-episode podcast housing complete interviews of each of the participants, their perspectives, beliefs, barriers, and experience living in the United States

Part 5:
Life-sized (72” X 32” by 13 images) wheat paste posters

Financiado pelo capítulo Philadelphia, PA (September 2021)