Blooming Minds Miami

The main goals of Blooming Minds Miami are to decrease the stigmatization of mental health in our community and to make individuals more aware of the mental health resources available to them. We are doing this in various ways, such as through our instagram (@bloomingmindsmiami), where we create posts relating to mental health disorders, coping, awareness, resources, etc. (in the future, we plan on making posts relating to current mental health events and policies, low-cost mental health providers, etc). We also have a website (linked above), where we plan to post blogs relating to self-care, mental health policies, interviews with mental health professionals, and more. So far, we have 1 blog post relating to the mental health policies in Florida (“The Sunshine State’s Failings”), and more on the way, especially relating to Pride Month and the mental health of the LGBTQ community. There's also a page on our website with mental health resources for specific groups (Hispanic/Latinx, AAPI, African American, and general. We hope to add resources for other groups as well).
Another project we've done during this time is holding the Palmetto Bay Village Kid’s Town Hall. (
We also plan to record mini-webinars with mental health professionals on specific mental health topics, such as how to approach speaking to your parent/guardian about receiving mental health help, Q&A sessions on instagram live, specific topics like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and more. We are currently in contact with a Psychologist and Asian-American mental health advocate (Dr. Wang, @asiansformentalhealth on instagram), and we will be speaking with her on the importance of mental health in the Asian-American community.
I am running out of space, but we have various more plans that we hope to carry out, and we'd love to speak with you all more on this, thank you for your time!

Financiado pelo capítulo Miami, FL (July 2021)