Lucid Dream Minigolf

"In a time that is no stranger to suffering, the world could use a little more whimsy and a lot more warmth and empathy."

Our project aims to delight, to play, to create a sense of seeing magic hidden just waiting to be revealed in everyday spaces, and to evoke a shared sense of being human and collective identity. Our project will create a uniquely whimsical, imaginative, and empathic experience that uses the non-traditional, but broadly accessible, medium of mini-golf as guerrilla performance art.

Take something familiar, fun, and accessible (mini-golf), flip it upside down and imbue it with interactive art pieces and narratives that playfully engage with deeper ideas and science designed to cultivate imagination, expanding empathy towards marginalized others, and a sense of common humanity. It’s the power of transcendental humanism through the gonzo absurdity of performance theater putt-putt. If The Museum of Jurassic Technology, Sleep No More, the science of imagination, and an abandoned mini-golf course all had a baby together, that baby would be our project.

The theme/storyline is about people’s perception of time. It’s going to be fun/ridiculous, but the deeper idea is that people have this feeling that last year was a lost year, and we wanted to engage that. A character in the course is Time, and The Search for Lost Time is the working title. So, you play three holes that represent your autobiographical past, present and future to find this character. We just ordered a 13-foot inflatable flamingo raft; the play starts with a meditation on time, laying down, inside the flamingo, with idea that during the meditation you are being transported to this other place.

Lucid Dream will be coming to Catskill Village, Hudson, and the third, undisclosed location. Follow them on Instagram at @catskillminigolf to find out when you can participate in the experience yourself.

Financiado pelo capítulo New York City, NY (June 2021)