A dream born in 1995 to collect and preserve cultural artefacts of the Kamba People of Kenya and whose culture is quickly getting disappearing. Through my own savings and initiative i have collected over 400 artefacts and documented them. I have also collected intangible heritage too e.g collecting proverbs and folktales. The artefacts are now degrading because am yet to complete the museum to house them. i have already started building it but funds are hard to come by. Once complete it may be the only private museum in Kenya. So far schools have shown a lot of interest and we have put the artefacts in a tent where they can see them but the weather is degrading them they need to be housed and protected from elements of weather. When this is done this will be for posterity it will be for all humanity. The Akamba Cultural Center and Museum also has an Herbarium which seeks to preserve the knowledge of traditional herbal medicine of the Kamba People - which is very rich with over 600 categorized herbs all this sits in a 12 acre piece of land i bought.

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