Veg to Go

Buddy System is a product of the pandemic and a product of need. A great group of artists created this nonprofit in the last 10 months in order to help bring fresh produce and meals to those in need. There are now 7 community fridges around Miami with more on the way. As the food access supervisor, I not only fill the fridges but also am always thinking of ways to continue inviting accessibility. As I add produce to the fridges, I encounter many members of the community who don't have ways to carry the food home. My idea is to do an initial test run of reusable bags at each fridge so that folks can take food home (or to wherever they are going) and continue to have a place to store things while not contributing to the cycle of waste perpetuated by plastic bags. Ideally, these bags would be designed with helpful information (hotlines, resources, addresses to shelters, locations of other fridges) on the bag itself in English, Spanish, and Creole.

Financiado pelo capítulo Miami, FL (March 2021)