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Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a sign at the University Park airport that would greet visitors in multiple languages?

Global Connections is a State College community organization that focuses on building bridges between local residents and international people who come into our community. As such, we would love to make people from around the world feel welcome in our community from the moment they land by creating a multilingual sign at the University Park airport.

Our first step in this project was to gain permission to post a sign from the executive director of University Park Airport. In fact, the airport authority has offered not only space for a permanent sign, but also access to the digital display in the baggage claim area.

Next steps in the project include:
• Obtaining funding for sign creation and development
• Identifying local artists/graphic designers for both the permanent sign and the digital displays
• Working closely with the airport authority to determine size, materials and location of permanent sign within the airport
• Capturing language from Global Connections members that speak other languages
• Utilizing Penn State international student data and Census data in order to determine the most commonly spoken languages in Centre County and ensure our signs include these languages
• Charge the artist/graphic designer to create the signs. We imagine the digital display will require audio/video capture of individuals saying different greetings, which would also be a part of this step.
• Finalizing the permanent and digital displays with the airport authority, and installing them in the airport.
• Celebrating the accomplishment with Global Connections members and other community members when it is safe to do so.
• Remain in contact with the airport authority in case repair or other maintenance of the signs are required.

Financiado pelo capítulo State College, PA (February 2021)